We offer TV Ad effectiveness testing in a reliable, rapid and we believe, the right way.

Copymetrics ® testing approach is based on cognitive sciences. To ensure that the memory structures are being built in the ad, we have to test whether Attention and Emotion work effectively with Memory. In other words, an ad viewed by consumers- how is it likely to leave an impression in consumers’ memories for them to remember and to make the required choice at the point of sale.

The system functions as a set of expert panels that can provide the deep feedback within days. In terms of costs, one test costs as little as 999 EUR, and this is on average 50 times cheaper than an typical consumer test.

Compared to typical test methods as those of IPSOS or similar, we do not engage into consumer feedbacking, but rather, the qualified experts form the best Psychology faculties in the country where we hold the test.

Please contact us for more details and to arrange a set of tests for you.

We can quickly roll out the tests in US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Russia and other countries at your request.

Please download our presentation hereCopymetrics presentation 1017


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